Prym Fine Chalk Marker - Pink


This exclusive marking pencil from Prym is particularly suitable for marking seams and patchwork.

In particular, relatively fine and accurate work with stencils can be mastered with this marking pencil. It is shaped to sit comfortably in the hand and its fine white or coloured cartridge guarantees accurate tracing of markings and pattens onto light-coloured and dark fabrics.

There is an eraser at the upper end of the pencil to reduce markings. When washed, the markings disappear completely. The white and coloured refill cartridges and the eraser refills can be replaced and can be ordered separately.

  • Exclusive marking pencil

  • For fine work with stencils

  • Comprises two pink cartridges and an integrated eraser

  • Refill cartridges in various colours and eraser refills can be ordered.

This marker is excellent for precision marking. Working as a cartridge pencil it comes with 2 white chalk cartridges and one eraser.