We often recommend products that we don’t sell so we have joined with Amazon to share things that we think you will find useful.

Full disclosure – if you follow the links by clicking on the pictures we will receive a small commission so just wanted to thank you in advance :)



Table Risers – these are the ones we use in the Sewing Room to adjust the height of the tables.

bed risers

A0 Double-Sided Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat 

Large Pattern Weights

Pattern Weights

Janome M100QDC - these are the Sewing Machines we have in The Sewing Room.

Janome M100QDC


Janome 6234XL - and these are the Overlockers we use

Janome 6234XL


Janome Coverpro 2000



Philips Perfect Care Aqua Steam Iron - we use these in the sewing room as they have no temperature settings so you can press any weight of fabric

Perfect Care Aqua Iron


Magnetic Pick Up tool

pick up tool

LED Sewing Machine Light

LED Sewing Machine Light

Daylight Sewing Mahine Light

Daylight Sewing Mahie Light

Carbon paper for marking up toiles, perfect when copying garments or making patterns.

Graphite Paper

Burda Carbon Paper - Large Sheets of Carbon Paper in Red & Blue

Burda Carbon Paper

Table Protector - perfect for making mats to go under sewing machines, overlockers etc

Table Protector

A3 Wallets - perfect for keeping your sewing projects in

a3 wallets

Polystyrene Dress Form, perfect for padding out to your body shape

Dress form

Janome Buttonhole Stabiliser Plate

Buttonhole Stabiliser Plate


Gina Renee Dunham’s Fitting Book – is a really helpful, clear book with good diagrams to help with fitting issues.  It also has QR codes which link to video demonstrations.

Fitting Book

Master The Cover Stitch Machine - this book will show the basics of using your machine as well as some decorative techniques and the extra feet you can buy

Pattern Cutting Made Easy by Gillian Holman is a good book to get you started in pattern alteration.

Pattern Cutting

The Tunic Bible - the popular book by Sarah Gunn & Julie Star - one basic pattern with so many options - used in our workshop in the sewing room.

Tunic bible

This book has some of the details used in my Copy It Make It Workshop

Copy It

These are my favourite couture sewing books

Couture Skirt


Couture Tailoring


Couture Sewing

Couture Trim

Cardigan Jacket


Vintage Couture

Cool Couture

Couture Embellishment

Kenneth D King's book is a story about the characters he put together on instagram during lockdown, the book also includes lots of couture sewing projects for dolls - a great way to practice couture sewing on a small scale

Doll Couture

Karl Lagerfeld - A Line of Beauty, the book that accompanied the recent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  A really beautiful book.

A Line of Beauty




On our Facebook/Instagram Lives Amy makes cocktails and often recommends the best kit to use - here are Amy's favourites.


Boston Shaker with Hawthorne Strainer, Bar Spoon and Muddle Stick for the perfect cocktail

Boston Shaker Set


Rose Gold Kit

Rose Gold Kit

Mixing Jug

Mixing Jug

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

Channel Knife

Channel Knife

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Silicone Ice Ball Mould

Ice Cube Mould

Smoker Kit

Smoker Kit

Biodegradable Straws


Small Pinking Shears

Small Scissors

Melon Baller

Melon Baller

Blow Torch

Blow torch

Lime Squeezer

Lime Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer

Funkin Pure Lemon Juice

Pure Lemon Juice

Angostura Bitters

Angostura Bitters

Brown Sugar Cubes

Brown Sugar Cubes

Monin Sugar Syrup 

Sugar Syrup