Prym Mini Lint Roller with 2 Refills



The Mini plum-coloured lint roller is a pocket-sized classic from the Prym range.

If can be folded to a handy size, so that it can always travel firmly closed for those special occasions. When it is opened out, the support for the roll rotates vertically to become a handle, so that the lint roller is easy to guide.

It comes supplied with one roll and 2 additional refill rolls, each with 30 sheets are contained in the packet.


When you are ironing out places, which are difficult to access, the ironing glove with its layers of cotton protects your hand from the heat of the iron. This allows you to iron or steam iron sleeve heads, lapels and collars safely and without difficulty. The reverse side of the glove is a lint brush made of red polyester fibres, with which you can make sure the garment is free of fluff, before ironing it. It picks up fluff and hair when used against the grain and releases it when used with the grain.