Schmetz Super Universal Machine Needles size 90


If you use self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer and temporary spray adhesive or want to sew self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape, you usually know the awkward residues of glue on the needle. And who hasn’t yet been annoyed by missing stitches and thread breakage caused by this?

For these problems, the new Super Universal Needle now offers a solution. It provides industry standard features also for household needles. The outstanding feature that distinguishes the Super Universal Needle from other household needles is its particularly slippery non-stick coating with NIT (= Nickel-Phosphor-PTFE). It ensures that much less residues adhere to the needle and thus it also puts an end to thread breakage.

This effect is supported by the extra-large eye, which makes the needle particularly suitable for SCHMETZ Super Universal Needle System 130/705 H-SU © SCHMETZ · Subject to technical modification · PI 22:85 8 · 03/2019 - EN Needle packaging Adhesive-backed hook and loop tape Embroidery with self-adhesive stabilizer embroidery work. The eye corresponds to a 2 sizes thicker needle, e.g. the eye of a size 70/10 Super Universal Needle is similar to a standard needle size 90/14. Additionally, the distinctive scarf with special design of the eye ensures the prevention of skip stitches.

Due to its slightly rounded point shape, the needle can be used for trouble-free sewing of most materials. The particularly strong conical blade reinforcement guarantees that even thick fabrics like denim do not pose a challenge.

For light fabrics, we recommend “running in” the needle on a piece of left-over material for about 50 cm until no dark stitch holes are visible