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Couture sewing takes time and patience.  Much of the construction is done by hand, often because the fabrics are tricky and there could be complicated design details. If you would like to try a Couture Jacket but have never had the time, then now would be the perfect time to have a go.

Since spending time with Claire Shaeffer, who is an internationally respected author, lecuturer and columnist and has a collection of over 2000 couture garments many of which are Chanel,  I have been inspired to do more couture sewing and share some of these skills. 

I rarely have time to do this myself so over 5 weeks I made a jacket and filmed the stages for this online class.  Here  is what is covered in each video, you could choose to do one video a week like I did or take as long as you like - the main thing is to enjoy the  process.

Week 1 Making a toile and checking the fit, preparing your fabric and pattern and marking up

Week 2 Staying Front Edges, bust shaping and machine quilting

Week 3 Talk about Trims and Buttonholes, 

Week 4 Making up the body of the jacket and finishing the lining, hems & shoulder seams .

Week 5 Sleeves, pockets & finishing

Join me and let’s make a Couture Jacket together.

Materials Needed

Pattern – In the video I use Vogue 8804 (the red jacket pictured left)– a classic French Style Jacket but the techniques could be used for other patterns too.

Outer Fabric – Linton Tweed from Bloomsbury Square Fabrics or Linton Tweeds or a similar tweed with a wool content

In Couture Sewing we use slightly more fabric than the amount mentioned on the pattern to allow for wider seam & hem allowances, decide how long you would like your jacket, measure from the shoulder to the hem, add 6” (15cm) – you will need twice this length plus 1 sleeve length, measure from the shoulder to the wrist, add 6” (15cm) Pockets should fit in between pieces but you could add a bit more for these – I usually buy 2 ½ yards or 2.25m

Lining Fabric – Silk Crepe De Chine or similar the same amount as your outer fabric

Silk Organza – 50cm

Stay Tape – silk organza selvedge or cotton stay tape

Wigan – 2.5m

Tacking Cotton – 2/3 reels in colour that will show up on your main fabric

2 Threads to match the outer Fabric

2 Threads to Match the Lining

Trim (optional)

Buttons (optional)

For Hand Stitched Buttonholes (optional)

     Gimp Cord

      Silk Buttonhole Thread


Couture Chain – 1.5m



Level : Intermediate/Advanced




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Workshop Start17 Apr 2020